ASE Green Certified

Working in conjunction with local solid waste districts and analyzing municipal waste ordinances, we have created a “Green” certificate that will allow your property or municipality to meet current recycling guidelines and provide a client facing certification that establishes your facility as being ASE Green Certified! The benefits of this are:

  1. A proactive approach to meeting recycling guidelines whether mandated by ordinance or not. The three key metrics are reduce, reuse and recycle.
  2. Displaying a sought after amenity/certification for many people and businesses looking to live or work in environmentally conscious areas. This will set you apart from your competition.
  3. A sustainable solution to your waste management programs that will bring you greater admiration in your community.
  4. Recognition of the need for change and efficiency in waste management
  5. Being part of the solution in your city in solving the waste crisis that is growing across the country

Being GREEN is a simple and cost effective way of life, not just the use of a
word. ASE GREEN Certification is a verifiable statement that a multifamily community lives GREEN.


Requirements for being designated an ASE GREEN Certified community:

Recycle! It's the right thing to do.

At least 1 (one) of the following:

  • A minimum of 50% resident participation per month
  • 25% waste diversion. (calculated by waste containment or tonnage due to recycling efforts)

At least 2 (two) of the following:

  • Office & maintenance participation in recycling program
  • A minimum of one ton of recycling per month for every 100 units
  • Appliance & other metals recycling established

Reduce & Reuse (atleast 3 of the following)

  • Implement a conservation strategy – Electric, Water, Gas &/or office supplies
  • Regular communications with residents promoting sound GREEN practices
  • Promote donations of no longer wanted or needed furniture, clothing or other household goods
  • Promote recycling or proper disposal of other discarded items such as: cell phones, ink cartridges, CFL light bulbs, mattresses, computers, printers, monitors, and other electronic items, etc…
  • Office & Maintenance staff must pursue post-consumer recycled supplies

Please contact us if you would like to obtain ASE GREEN Certification.


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