Benefit Analysis

Through implementation of the ASE GREEN program, you can expect to see benefits to your bottom line. The perception is that being more efficient and dedicated to recycling and waste diversion is a heavy cost to your community's budget. Our clients have proven this not to be the case. ASE can provide you with benefits specific to your property or municipality. A summary of the benefits for all multifamily properties may include:

  1. Increased occupancy: Residents see this as hands down the number one amenity and a positive when making a rental decision both because of the convenience as well as the environmental awareness. We provide you with literature that conveys this to your prospective and current residents. Increased occupancy means increased revenue.
  2. Decreased resident turnover: When residents were asked “why they stayed” many stated because of the valet recycling program, which provides not only a convience to them, but also, they feel good about the benefit to the environment. What does that save the property owner in turnover costs?
  3. Reduction in waste admin cost: We take all the waste admin away from your people and handle that for you. That includes not only the physical action of negotiating and paying bills, but also the direction needed in maintaining the waste flow.
  4. Reduction in maintenance labor costs: Since we manage the waste sites and control the primary flow of trash you no longer have to ask your maintenance people to clean the waste areas. You will see a visible improvement in onsite trash, as well as, fewer instances of over packed and improperly packed dumpsters & compactors. Not only do you save on manpower, but you will have better curb appeal.
  5. Reduction in property maintenance costs: With a reduction in dumpster sites (typical of most properties) the overall maintenance of your lot, driveways, etc. will be reduced. We provide the most efficient layout with minimum waste hauling “traffic” on the property. Therefore you see a longer life to your lot and fewer incidents/accidents to vehicles and property. We try to keep the trash trucks off the property as much as possible.
  6. Added parking: With a reduction in waste sites, you will see an increase in parking. Typically these areas are near the most desired parking spaces, so whether you can create a new revenue stream through "paid parking" or you are just able to provide more parking for your tenants, there is value.
  7. Contact us today to receive a free waste analysis and let us show you how we can provide a single source waste solution that will increase tenant satisfaction and increase your NOI.




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